Leaders and Organizations working together


 Committees Leaders

Susan Parmelee

Chair San Clemente Collaborative, Masters in Social Work,



Leslie Davis

Membership Chair of San Clemente Collaborative 

Joan Thompson

City of San Clemente Human Affairs Committee
 Neighborhood /Youth Committee

Isobel Pelham

City of San Clemente Human Affairs
Leadership and Neighborhood Committee

Anna Cabrera

Leadership Committee
IRS Stakeholder Consultant with VITA Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program

Chris McCormack

Chair of Neighborhood Committee
Chris is a graduate student at Cal State Fullerton and a substitute teacher and football coach at El Toro High School

Carla di Candia

Chair of Health Committee
Manager of Health and Ministry Services, Mission Hospital

Cynthia Glascow

Leadership Committee, Co-chair of Health Committee
Regional director of Western Youth Services

Virginia Shoenfeld

Wellness Committee member at-large
Owner Wellness Vibrations Consulting

Denise Obrero

Leadership and Neighborhood Committee
City of San Clemente Housing Specialist, Grants Coordinator

Eduardo Moreno Cerezo

Leadership and Health Committee
Healthy Communities Coordinator Mission Hospital

Sandy Exelby

Member at large
Leadership and Youth Committees

Samantha Thomas

Leadership Committee
City of San Clemente Recreation Coordinator

Cheryl Hopper

Vice Chair,Leadership Committee, Health Committee

Suzanne Ansari

Liaison to the Leadership Committee
Coordinator of Community Resource Center of San Clemente